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Creative Insights: Reaching Diverse Audiences Online and Experimenting With Digital Outreach in ‘22

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

By C+E Staff Two of the major challenges digital strategists will face in the 2022 midterm cycle: the continued uncertainty around the viability of Facebook for political campaigns, and getting around the targeting restrictions already in place elsewhere that make reaching minority audiences much less efficient.  C&E spoke to Cheryl Hori, who runs the Democratic […]


Political consultants are scrambling to prepare for unpredictable changes to tech platforms in the leadup to the 2022 midterms — all while acknowledging the traditional off-year of election cycles is a thing of the past.

How to support your clients in the off-season

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

The election is over. The final campaign reports have been sent. Now what? For digital strategists and staff working with incumbent candidates, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations, here’s how to add value during the off-season when there’s not an election around the corner: Update or upgrade things that have been on their (read: your) to-do list.

Industry Predictions for 2021: A Long Way From Normal

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

Last year, consultants predicted a bumpy ride for 2020 and the political world got that and more during the last twelve months. Now, coming off a cycle where the pandemic reshaped nearly every aspect of how consultants work, there are some clear industry trend lines going in 2021. In this article, 14 consultants offer their thoughts on how the next year will play out.

How Campaigns Reached Voters of Color Online In 2020

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

Beyond the pandemic, a generation-defining presidential election, and alien monoliths appearing across the planet, 2020 was also unprecedented in that campaigns, non-profits, and IEs were in an arms race to persuade and mobilize voters of color. If there was any takeaway this cycle, it’s that voters of color aren’t just the margin of victory — they’re the key to victory.