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Where To Engage Your Digital Audience Beyond Facebook

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

If your political campaign raced to serve ads before the Facebook blackout and subsequently dealt with the fallout, you’re likely more than ready for some digital advertising alternatives. This article looks at the up and coming platforms, including TikTok, Reddit and Twitch, that campaigns and advocacy organizations should keep an eye out for in 2022.

The Potential Fallout From a Facebook Political Ad Blackout

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

If you’ve seen fewer political or advocacy ads this month on Facebook, it’s likely because a number of big hitters are boycotting the world’s largest social media network to make a statement: end the paid promotion of hate speech and dangerous messaging.   And while a number of large corporations (Ford, Coca-Cola, Adidas and many, […]

As Protests Continue, Consultants Say the First Job for Campaigns Is to Listen

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

The killing by police of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month has spawned a national protest movement that’s brought tens of thousands of Americans into the streets. It’s prompted major corporations, high-profile performers and athletes to take public stances on issues of race and justice.  But for candidates and groups, some consultants are giving their […]