Creative Insights: Reaching Diverse Audiences Online and Experimenting With Digital Outreach in ‘22

Originally Published on Campaigns and Elections

By C+E Staff

Two of the major challenges digital strategists will face in the 2022 midterm cycle: the continued uncertainty around the viability of Facebook for political campaigns, and getting around the targeting restrictions already in place elsewhere that make reaching minority audiences much less efficient. 

C&E spoke to Cheryl Hori, who runs the Democratic digital shop Pacific Campaign House, about what that continued loss of efficiency will mean for clients trying to get the most out of their digital creative. 

One of the most important things for next year, said Hori, will be thinking outside of the Facebook box. 

“With all of the changes that have happened, [Facebook] has become less and less accessible,” said Hori. “I’ve personally seen a big shift toward programmatic and display and OTT.”  

When it comes to reaching minority audiences, something Hori’s firm specializes in, the midterm environment will result in even more pressure on your creative. That means creating culturally-competent advertising will be essential.   

“One of the things that we do when we do in-language outreach is not only do we get our content and our creative professionally translated, but then we also have a network of folks all over the country that can do that extra look to make sure that the tone is correct, to make sure that the language we’re using is appropriate to the locality that we might be working in,” Hori said. “So really make sure that you’re actually checking in with that community that you’re talking to.”  

Watch the full video for more advice on breaking out of the Google-Facebook box and to hear what alternative digital platforms Hori’s firm has experimented with.