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The Fairness Project

Raising money for a new non-profit and running statewide digital for ballot initiatives:

The Fairness Project (TFP) is new non-profit focused on helping working people by passing health care and minimum wage ballot initiatives. When we began working with them, they had purchased a 300,000-person list, but found themselves unable to raise more than $100 per month.

We weeded out inactive names, strategically acquired new names, and then built a relationship of trust with TFP email list. In less than two years, we took their email fundraising program from raising $100 per month to over $300,000 over the course of the cycle.

Externally, TFP was leading the charge on passing 10 progressive ballot initiatives in deep red states. Each of these states required full digital programs, including: websites, social media, email fundraising/outreach, data management, and digital organizing. Each state had varying levels of support and relied on our team to curate and execute full digital programs for their state’s unique needs. We trained over a dozen digital, field, and communication staffers on how to run a world-class digital program and on Election Day, we secured 10 victories across the country.

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