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Reed for Mayor

Using social media to target, persuade, and turn out voters to successfully elect the city’s first LGBTQ mayor.

Reed Gusciora is a white, LGBTQ assemblymember whose district included Trenton for the last 22 years. But despite 2+ decades of public service, Trenton’s demographics were not in Reed’s favor in his campaign for mayor. Reed needed to prove to an 85% African American and Hispanic electorate, that he was able to not only understand the needs of their communities, but also was more qualified to solve the community’s burgeoning problems than the six African American and Hispanic candidates running against him.

We would secure a victory for Reed through three measurable tactics: Target donors to give the resources to win, message to key audiences to build credibility, and mobilize voters to turn out for a May (and June runoff) election.

First, we strategically built and executed a fundraising plan to convert donors via social. Our strategy leveraged fundraising deadlines, promoted events, and gamified the fundraising experience. In three months, we raised over $66,000 via social platforms.

Second, since over 85% of Trenton’s population is either African American or Hispanic, it was critical our content demonstrated that while Reed was not representative of their community, he was the best person to represent them. We curated content that placed Reed at the center of the most critical issues for Trentonians.

Finally, we leveraged the community we built: Our digital GOTV efforts came in the form of videos, personal notes, and endorsements from New Jersey icons.

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